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Check out Jocelyn


This is Jocelyn and her Skinny Fiber success story!
“I have been big most of my life, since having children and numerous surgeries. About 18 years ago, I had major surgery and suffer now from a similar illness to IBS, A few years ago i got diagnosed with high cholesterol, then 2 years ago, stomach ulcers and acid reflux.
When i gave up smoking 3 years ago, I piled on the weight and even though it was in a physical job, I still couldn’t shake the kilos. I had no energy and use to live on energy drinks and have nanny naps in the afternoon.
Then I found out about Skinny Fiber and thought what have I got to lose. ‘weight’ was my answer. lol So I went ahead and ordered the buy 2 get 1 free, and started taking it.
Now I’m 20 pounds lighter. I don’t do alot of exercise as I have a reasonably physical job and haven’t really changed much in our diet hence the slow progress.
Since taking Skinny Fiber my IBS has improved, I am getting less headaches and have heaps more energy.
I am a work in progress. I love my Skinny Fiber!
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My before, after and after

tonya new before and after

The first picture is the day I started Skinny Fiber. The 2nd picture is 90 days on Skinny Fiber. The last picture is 30 days on Skinny Body Max (today’s picture) Skinny Body Care has changed my life. My health is 100% better. I lost 40 lbs on Skinny Fiber and 12 on Skinny Body Max! They are both great products!

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Skinny Body Care Products


Many of you are asking about all of our AWESOME product…so here you go!
Our product info from Left to right –
Skinny Body Max ~ is an appetite suppressant , fat and carb blocker, detox naturally with digestive enzymes to break down the food, high end fibers to clean the sludge, and thermogenic fat burner. No need for a radical cleanse that can be harmful to you.
HiBurn8 ~ no other product on the market can do this the WAY it does this! 8 HR PM weight loss, fat burning, restful sleep To reduce stress levels, and rebuild collagen for youthful skin. Collagen is used in many places in your body. – will be available soon! And can be used with Skinny Body Max and Skinny Fiber…
Original Skinny Fiber ~ natural appetite control with Cha de Burge, digestive enzymes, fibers to stay full. Can use in conjunction with Max or HiBurn8…
Ageless ~ an anti aging gel vitamin packed face therapy in a bottle. Awesome product. MILLIONS SOLD!!! Dissolves easily, non greasy… I actually use it after I shave and on my hands, elbows and feet.. MANY women use it for stretch marks and cellulite..
Instant Youth ~ Breakthrough in skincare. Instantly Hide the wrinkles, crows feet and dark spots while boosting your skin with over 20 botanicals and Retinol. No other product on the market can do this!!! and be as HEALTHY as it is… It’s not pasty, goes on easily, and a DAB goes a long way!
Feel free to ask questions.. we have TONS of testimonials… ALL PRODUCTS come with an EMPTY Bottle MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!!!
More combo packs will be available soon!

Here’s Denise and her Story


Another SUCCESS story!! This is Denise..
“”My Names is Denise,
The best part of SF is that I have had no Migraines since starting SF. They were instantly gone as soon as I started. ( I have had a migraine for 11 years once a month for at least 3 days…)
Not only is it working for me it is working for hundreds of people just like me.
At a weight of 212 lbs I am now 167 lbs today and still going strong. I am a true testimony for those who know me , I am my own walking billboard.”

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Melissa’s Skinny Fiber Story


My name is Melissa and here is my 5 month update!
Look at the inches I have lost with Skinny fiber!! No special diet-I eat what I want, no exercise. I just take 2 pills before lunch and 2 again before supper and drink lots of water!
My migraines are way down-nearly gone, my body aches and pains are almost unnoticeable. Just carrying around less weight feels great! Also, my self confidence is way high! I love that I don’t have that spare tire around my middle!
I was wearing plus sizes when I started. Either an 18 or 20. Now I am wearing 10/12 size size 12/14 pants! YES! I am excited!!! No more plus size clothes for me!!
I’ve struggled with my weight for the past 13 years, since my daughter was born. I just kept gaining weight, had a son and gained more. I struggle with ovarian cysts and other feminine problems that seem to have my weight fluctuating up and up some more But I finally found something that works for me! I love that is all natural with NO stimulants, safe for even children to take. Detoxes the body, gives me more energy and sheds inches easily! I am Skinny Fiber for life!

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Brittany looks great!

Check out Brittany!!
“Okay seriously!!!! You have no idea how crazy this is to me! Less than a year ago, these size 16 pants were tight on me!!! I was in XL everything! Tonight I fit into a size 6! What?!?! I have not fit into a size 6 in over 6 years!!! Not since before I had my 3 kids! Today I am in medium clothes! 40 lbs and many inches GONE! I am loving this new and healthier me!”
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Elizabeth’s Story

“13 months on SF and I can’t believe how far I’ve come. 19 pounds gone and 30.75 inches gone! I’m still working on drinking enough water but I have noticed less cravings and I have been tracking my calories now for about a month and I do try to get more active around the house but don’t have an actual exercise program.”
Try this product! In addition to helping control your appetite and cleanse, it also helps block new fat and boost your metabolism.

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