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This is Jocelyn and her Skinny Fiber success story!
“I have been big most of my life, since having children and numerous surgeries. About 18 years ago, I had major surgery and suffer now from a similar illness to IBS, A few years ago i got diagnosed with high cholesterol, then 2 years ago, stomach ulcers and acid reflux.
When i gave up smoking 3 years ago, I piled on the weight and even though it was in a physical job, I still couldn’t shake the kilos. I had no energy and use to live on energy drinks and have nanny naps in the afternoon.
Then I found out about Skinny Fiber and thought what have I got to lose. ‘weight’ was my answer. lol So I went ahead and ordered the buy 2 get 1 free, and started taking it.
Now I’m 20 pounds lighter. I don’t do alot of exercise as I have a reasonably physical job and haven’t really changed much in our diet hence the slow progress.
Since taking Skinny Fiber my IBS has improved, I am getting less headaches and have heaps more energy.
I am a work in progress. I love my Skinny Fiber!
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