Join My Team! Become a Distributor with SBC!



Hey Everyone!!  Skinny Body Care is gearing up for NEW Products to be Released! New Compensation Plan, it is MORE Awesome than Ever ~ thought the last one was wonderful!! I cannot believe what I am hearing and seeing!!

Another GREAT Point ~ For those Joining the Company as a Distributor, I know the BIG Question, HOW am I going to learn all of this ~ FEAR NOT ~ We have many groups for Training, Recipes, Exercises, etc. You name it We have it ~ PLUS so many Kind Helpful People. IF you truly want it, want to make it, YOU can!!

2nd Great Point ~ We NOW have Distributor Kits ~ TOTALLY RAD!

The new Distributor Welcome kits are first class! These are given to every New Distributor who joins in Skinny Body Care.

Button, wrist band, FLIP CHART PRESENTATION, training CDs, etc. etc.

If anyone wants info on becoming a Skinny Fiber Distributor email me at

Thanks Ben Glinsky! These are a real game changer for all of us!

And your concern was ??? Ask me about this or you can find out more about it and take a FREE TOUR ~ Want to find out more about Skinny Fiber ~ check this out!!

Sign up here today

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