This is Fay!! Wow!


I am so Proud of her This is Fay Jones and her journey with Skinny Fiber… You are doing Fantastic girl!!! I started my journey on Feb 1 st with a friend , My weigh 190 and I am only 5’2 I started doing Zumba counting the old WW POINTS and I started to lose . In April I saw this lady ( Louise) post about skinny fiber I joined the group , I had acid reflux , and IBS I have never had a firm bowel movement ever , I had lost 26 lbs before SF . So in May I started SF in 3 weeks I lost 4″ off my hips To this date I am down 42 lbs , I no longer have acid reflux , my IBS is gone !!!!!!! I feel that if it never helped me with my weight loss what it did for me is priceless !!! I still want to lose about 18 more my goal is by xmas ! I am so happy !!! · Updated about 2 months ago
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