Wow! Cathy has lost 37 lbs!!


So proud of Cathy!

She says…..
I’ve been trying to lose weight for years. I had a hysterectomy when I was only 28. I was only a size 8 then, even though I had 4 pregnancies. I never gained much each time. But that was the end of being small.

Weight gain because of being on synthetic hormones and I’d forget to take them. I blew up to a size 18 by the time I reached 30.

Now weight loss and weight gain is easier during the time of taking hormones. 2 years ago I stopped taking hormones. Oh boy I had no idea, hot flashes weight gain and resistance to weight loss. I couldn’t lose weight even though I was taking SF, walking, working out, and doing the Atkins I stayed upset about this.

Then last April at my sons Church the said they were doing the Daniel Fast. So I did too. Because that fast is Vegan only I made sure I was taking my SF and I did it. At the end of 21 days I had lost my first 10 lbs. The weight just falls off now. I’m now at a 37 lb weight loss. I’m so excited about this. I’m seeing a waist I’ve not had. I’m still 8 lbs away from my first goal of being 199. But I’ll get there!!

My reason for now losing weight is I have a whole new mind set. I’ve 100% put effort to this no cheating with deserts, sugar or carbs. I’ve made up my mind to make this work. You can too!
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