Dara looks absolutely amazing!!! 30 POUNDS GONE!!!!


Extended until today (October 22nd) you get a FREE bottle when you order any package!!!! Even if you order the single bottle, you get a FREE one!!!

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This is the perfect time to get started before the holidays!

Dara says…
The big reveal!! Skinny fiber has changed my life. I absolutely swear by it. I have lost 30 pounds and have an additional 14 pounds to lose to reach my goal!! Plus, the doctor took me off 2 meds that I was taking for asthma!! I feel and breathe great now!!

Being 45 lbs overweight on my tiny frame was killing me slowly. Food was and probably always will be my comfort, but, I have found other ways to cope with the daily activities of life.

One of the things I found was a product called Skinny Fiber. I saw it here on FB and decided that I wanted to try it. The product claimed to help in the aid of feeling full, but most importantly, feeling satisfied AFTER eating. It claimed to have helped to diminish the cravings to constantly eat, and that was always my problem. (Still is!!)

I bit the bullet, and made a purchase of buy 3 bottles, get 3 free. It was not cheap, but, neither was the medicines I was taking for asthma, sleep apnea, and all the snacks I was buying. Besides, anyone who has dieted KNOWS that we have spent thousands of dollars on things that just don’t work.

Well, I followed the directions TO A TEE. 2 SF capsules in the morning with a HUGE glass of lemon water, and 2 SF capsules at my evening meal with a HUGE glass of water. Then, I waited 30-40 minutes to eat. That’s all I had to do, PLUS, follow my own diet. (You can use what ever diet to your liking. Weight watchers, South Beach, Atkins, 21 day fix), whatever you like. I chose Ideal Weight Loss. At first, I expected the product to work instantly. IT DOES NOT. You must take it as directed and continue whatever plan of your choice, and watch the results.

Dieting has no magic pill, but, Skinny Fiber is the closest thing I have come to experiencing magic!!

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