Check out Janna!!

“I’m Janna, I’m 31 years old and have had a weight issue since my teens. I was around 300lbs and wearing a size 22/24 and a 3x in a shirt before I started Skinny Fiber. I was miserable. My knees hurt when I walked up the stairs, I was tired all the time, and had horrible depression and anxiety. That picture was taken last January. 70lbs down and… a size 16 (almost a 14) later, words can’t express how much better I feel. I lost 70lbs and over 100 inches all over my whole body in just 11 months. I had surgery, injured my back shortly after I was cleared to exercise, then went through one stressful situation after another over the past several months. For example, my husband and I just finished building our home a few weeks ago and we did a lot of the work ourselves. During this time I put my weight loss on hold but I have still been able to maintain for the most part. SKINNY FIBER has been my lifesaver! I have PCOS and couldn’t lose weight AT ALL before. I started Skinny Fiber and I lost 12lbs and a whole pants size in my first month! And it just kept getting better from there. Now that we’re moved and settled, I’m ready to jump back on that wagon and get this last 70lbs off”!


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